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DALI, Zigbee and LCN

BEGA Control consists of various system components. A technical description of all system components is provided below, so that you can ensure your system planning meets the various requirements. All components are compatible and can be configured individually.


DALI · Room-specific light control

BEGA Control · DALI is designed specially for the space-related control of building automation systems. A priority is the user-friendly control of light. DALI systems can be easily integrated in the building management system.

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ZigBee · Radio control system

BEGA Control · ZigBee is based on the widely established industrial standard for radio networks and allows radio contact between devices over distances of up to 100 metres. It is thus possible to create large lighting networks in which all the luminaires are interconnected by radio. The system is particularly resistant to interference.

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LCN · Decentralised control system

BEGA Control · LCN forms a network with no control centre.
Intelligence is distributed throughout the network in such a way that the individual components can make decisions directly on site. A simple wire – for example the free core of an electrical installation – is all that connects all the cooperating modules.

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Comparison of technologies

The market offers a wide choice of light control systems. Allow us to present some established systems here. The diagram shows the complexity of the control system in question and the possible extension of its network capability. 1-10 V interfaces represent the easiest way to dim luminaires. Bluetooth can be found in small applications that are controlled using a smartphone. DMX and DALI systems can be found in the room-specific area of luminaire control.

LCN, ZigBee, KNX and LON Powerline are control systems with which entire buildings can be controlled. LCN, KNX and LON Powerline are cable-based systems, while ZigBee works on a radio basis. BACnet and Modbus work on a higher level than all others. Here, Internet protocols (IP) are used for communication. Various control systems can be coupled with Modbus or BACnet. They are thus ideal for use in complex industrial installations or in cities.