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BEGA Control · Software

BEGA Control is a decentrally organised network suitable for controlling the illumination of private houses and their grounds, but also public parks, individual streets or whole blocks of streets. BEGA Control has its own system components, which work with LCN, Zigbee and DALI information technologies.

Here you will find an overview of the software for configuring and managing your own lighting control system. The software is available as a download. It allows simple programming and configuration, and includes other user-friendly tools.

Visualisation software

BEGA-GVS enables the graphic representation and management of the lighting system.

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Programming software

BEGA-PRO is the user-friendly programming software from BEGA Control · LCN which makes it easy for you to program and configure your system regardless of equipment or scope.

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Zigbee programming software

Zigbee programming software, in conjunction with the Zigbee USB stick, makes it easy and comfortable to program and configure a Zigbee system.

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DALI Cockpit

The comfortable software for configuring DALI systems and for monitoring communication on the DALI bus.

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