Global Visualisation Software

<b>BEGA-GVS</b><br />Global Visualisation Software

Global Visualisation Software

BEGA-GVS enables the graphic representation and management of the lighting system. The user interface can be designed according to your wishes.

With BEGA-GVS, for example, you can combine the ground plan of an installation with icons and customized texts as wallpaper. There are numerous icons in the software library to make it easier to visualise the system which is to be controlled. Besides the many standard functions, the software includes macros, a time switch and an event messenger. Among other things, the latter can also send messages by e-mail. BEGA-GVS can control and manage any number of control systems worldwide.

This software can be installed on a central Windows server and is then accessible worldwide via the Internet. Software setup, administration and operation are effected using the browser on stationary PCs, tablet PCs or smartphones. This means that all functions can also be controlled manually, regardless of the programming status. In real time and without having to be present directly on site.

BEGA-GVS should be installed on a Windows PC or Windows Server. A precondition is the Windows 7 Professional operating system or higher or the Windows Server Version 2003 or higher. With the BEGA-GVS, any number of users can access the functions of one control system simultaneously. A password and security system regulates the rights individually approved for the user.

The BEGA-GVS visualisation software is available in English, German, Spanish, Catalan and Russian.


Use the setup for new installations and updates:

Download BEGA-GVS 4.6.1/ exe 24 mb

Download BEGA-PCHK 3.2.2/ exe 5 mb



  • customisable user interface design
  • measurement data collection, time switch, event messenger etc.
  • world-wide control in real time
  • operation from a stationary PC, tablet PC or smartphone
  • rights and users can be issued individually
  • available in English, German, Spanish, Catalan and Russian
  • free updates


With the standard BEGA-GVS licence 70 002, 30 modules can be managed, and 10 tableaux, 10 events and 10 timer events can be created.

Additional licences:

70 004   for another 10 modules

70 005   for another 10 tableaux

70 009   for another 10 events

70 010   for another 10 timer events

70 012   for coupling with BACnet, OPC and MODBUS