Free programming software
from BEGA Control · LCN

<b>BEGA PRO</b><br />Free programming software<br />from BEGA Control · LCN

Free programming software
from BEGA Control · LCN

BEGA PRO is the comfortable programming software from BEGA Control · LCN which makes it easy for you to program and configure your system regardless of equipment or scope.

BEGA-PRO is available as a free download and guarantees full compatibility with the current generation of modules. After the software has been installed on a Windows PC, the connection to the system can be established via the USB port.

BEGA-PRO then automatically recognises the modules connected to the bus and makes them available for programming.

One module can perform about 480 commands and appear as a user in 12 groups. Already programmed illumination parameters can be saved and adapted to other systems with an identical or similar configuration. Lighting scenarios and function sequences, for example staircase lighting, can thus be transferred easily to other system control units.

The modules can then be programmed with or without a direct connection to the bus system. If programming is performed offline, subsequent transmission to the system is again possible via the USB port. When the PC is disconnected, the BEGA control modules will continue to work autonomously. To modify the lighting scenarios, you must access the BEGA-PRO software again. It is also possible to use BEGA-PRO and the visualisation software BEGA-GVS in the network. In this case, a PC with coupling software acts as an interface between the control modules and computers with the configuration and visualisation software.

Two parallel connections are provided, thus enabling user-friendly access to a lighting system’s configuration without impairing its operation.

Download BEGA-PRO 6.6.7/ exe 9 mb Installation instructions/ pdf 1 mb

Download BEGA-PCHK 3.2.2/ exe 5 mb



  • Automatic detection of modules
    on the bus
  • Offline operation possible
  • Parameter can be re-used as templates
  • Free software updates