Luminaire poles made of aluminium and cast aluminium

Luminaire poles made of aluminium and cast aluminium.

A mounting plate is bolted to a foundation or anchorage unit for mounting purposes. The luminaire pole with base plate is placed on the mounting plate and bolted in horizontal position with lateral stainless steel bolts.

All luminaire poles with door are equipped with a C-clamp and sliding nuts to accommodate a connection box and earth conductor.

Aluminium poles are pre-treated, powder coated and supplied with a high-quality enamel finish. We supply the luminaire poles in the same colour as the ordered luminaire. Poles are also supplied in any other RAL colour and DB colour at the catalogue price.

H d h D kg
70 538 1600 60 45 200 8.6
70 539 2000 60 45 200 10.55
70 540 2500 76 100 300 26.5
70 541 3000 76 100 300 31.5
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range