Modular LED light building elements

On one side or on two sides

Light building elements are illuminating and structure-forming components for public areas. Pedestrian zones and public squares in inner-city areas are just some examples of areas that require illuminating design elements. These are the places where additional functions such as publicly accessible WiFi, additional floodlights or loudspeakers are in demand and almost taken for granted today. BEGA light building elements are perfect for installing the necessary technology.

We have developed a new modular lighting element for these requirements. In addition to the lighting functions, the concept makes it possible to fulfil additional technical requirements of public spaces at installation location.

Simply use the configurator on our website to design the light building element for your requirements.

These light building elements are available heights of 4500 · 5000 · 5500 mm


The following functions can be integrated:
• Unshielded LED lighting modules in the lengths 500 · 1000 · 1500 mm
• WiFi module with aerial unit
• Camera module – suitable for daytime and night-time use
• Adjustable LED floodlights for illuminating architectural details
• Loudspeaker module
• Lighting modules with different light characteristics

Protection class  IP 65
BEGA Thermal Management ®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass

BEGA Ultimate Driver ®

Please note:
Luminaires including anchorage unit made of hot-dip galvanised steel. We can optionally supply the mounting base 71 092 for bolting onto a foundation.


The concept of modular light building elements makes it possible to combine lighting functions with the other technical requirements of public spaces in one installation location.

WiFi module with aerial unit

The WiFi module for public WiFi is installed together with an aerial unit. The planning and start-up service is provided by our telecommunications system partner, “The Cloud Networks Germany GmbH”.

Camera module

The camera module is suitable for identifying people, objects and vehicles.

  • HDTV 1080p resolution with 60 frames per second or 720p resolution with up to 120 frames per second.
  • Suitable for daytime and nighttime use
  • WDR Forensic Capture
  • Electronic image stabilisation certified in accordance with IK10+

Unshielded LED lighting modules

Unshielded LED lighting modules are the primary light source of a light building element.

Available in lengths of 500 · 1000 · 1500 mm.

Connected wattage · Luminaire luminous flux
500 mm lighting module 13.6 W · 1010 lm
1000 mm lighting module 27.2 W · 2020 lm
1500 mm lighting module 40.8 W · 3030 lm

Adjustable LED floodlight module

The LED floodlight has an adjustable inclination angle and is used to illuminate architectural details, trees or plants.

  • Connected wattage 13.1 W
  • 1115 lm
  • Half beam angle 14°
  • Can be rotated 360°, adjustable inclination angle of 0°-30°

LED lighting modules

Lighting modules with different light distributions, designed primarily for installation in the lower part of the light building element. They are also suitable for marking danger points or illuminating paths.

Loudspeaker module

We can optionally supply the sound module with an integrated non-visible flat-panel speaker for connection to an external amplifier unit or with a built-in amplifier unit.


Plan how you will combine these light building elements using the configurator on our website. Choose one of the three height options and simply combine the light building element with the desired modules to suit your requirements.

Practical implementation

A future-oriented solution in a public space

Luminaires 1-3, 6-7

Outward facing:

  • Three unshielded LED lighting modules for each luminaire
  • One of the light building elements is equipped with a WiFi module (100 m free-field range)

Inward facing:

  • One unshielded LED lighting module for each luminaire
  • Recessed luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light additionally illuminate the ground

Luminaires 4-5

Outward facing:

  • Three unshielded LED lighting modules for each luminaire

Inward facing:

  • Adjustable LED floodlights, supported by an unshielded LED lighting module illuminate the façade
  • A camera module monitors the surroundings
  • Additional recessed wall luminaires with asymmetrical flat beam light illuminate the ground

84 688 320 x 230 4500 1000
84 679 320 x 230 5000 1000
84 689 320 x 230 5500 1000
no longer included in the current catalogue new in the range