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New Products 2019
Das gute Licht - indoors and out

New Products 2019
Das gute Licht - indoors and out

The new BEGA Outdoor Luminaire Catalogue is here!

We are delighted to present our new BEGA Outdoor Luminaire Catalogue 34 with more than 2000 products for virtually all areas of architecture. Almost 500 new developments and product innovations attest to our philosophy of highly efficient and forward-thinking illumination. We also focus on the targeted expansion of our entire product range. It aligns with the values we have defined for you in terms of durability, warranties and the options for component repurchases.

We deliver the right answers for a variety of new requirements including thermal stability or protection against aggressive environmental influences. Registered BEGA trademarks document effective solutions for all lighting requirements.

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BEGA Smart App
Light control via app – simple and convenient

Individual garden lighting that's incredibly easy to set up – smart lighting with no complicated or tedious preparation work. It couldn't be easier: Connect components and integrate them into the system using the self-explanatory app. Your smart lighting experience is ready in just a few steps.

Convenience and state-of-the-art technology combined in one free app.

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BEGA Registered Trademarks
Unique technical features

The use of the latest and most advanced technologies and the ongoing development of all our components have always been part of the BEGA commitment. Registered trademarks document the unique technological features of BEGA luminaires in many areas. For sustainable products of exceptional durability that impressively highlight architectural features.

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BEGA emergency lighting luminaires
Guaranteed light in the event of a power failure

We have equipped some of our luminaires for use as LED emergency lighting luminaires. In the event of a power failure, they guarantee safe emergency lighting operation for one or three hours and are equipped with an emergency lighting supply unit with self-test function and battery monitoring. Function duration and operating time are tested automatically.

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BEGA LED lamps
Energy-efficient illumination

Smart and energy-efficient light for luminaires with conventional lamp bases is easy to achieve with the new BEGA LED lamps. They allow an uncomplicated upgrade wherever lamps with conventional E14 or E27 lamp bases are needed or pre-installed. Consumer-friendly, sustainable and with the option of inclusion in Smart Home systems, LED lamps are future-proof solutions with advantages far beyond their considerably lower operating costs.

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