New Products 2023

Illuminate what’s important

BugSaver pole-top luminaire

Light compatible with nature for the protection of nocturnal animals

Luminaires with BEGA BugSaver ® technology were developed specifically for efficient illumination in urban and natural environments.

This technology enhances the sense of security for inhabitants, while additionally protecting nocturnal animals,

Flexibility in terms of colour temperature and light output allow the shielded light to blend into the environment at different times without affecting the natural balance, while still ensuring the safe illumination of the entire terrain as fundamental component of the overall lighting design.

  • • Reduction of the colour temperature from 3000 K to an amber hue with significantly reduced blue light component (similar to 1800 K)

  • Optional control via BEGA BugSaver ® control devices (up to 9 luminaires) or via DALI DT8

  • Integration into intelligent light control systems available: We recommend BEGA Connect

Everything you need for eco-friendly illumination

Charge where there is lightIntelligent charging units for electric vehicles

The challenge of e-mobility lies in installing charging pillars for businesses and consumers on a wide scale – without taking up or visually compromising limited urban spaces.

BEGA charging units for e-vehicles make this possible. They use existing infrastructure in public and commercial spaces. In practical terms, that means: Our charging units integrate into architectural elements with power supply in the city, in the countryside and at commercial locations.

They are incorporated in pre-installed street or square illumination, require no additional space and blend right into their surroundings.


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