New Products 2023

Illuminate what’s important

The safe alternative

These minimalist luminaires are practical lighting tools. In areas, where glass should not be used for safety reasons – for example in childcare facilities.

The synthetic luminaire housings and impact-resistant synthetic covers with white interior make these ceiling and wall luminaires the perfect choice for use in corridors, passageways or functional spaces.

Size Ø 160 · 220 mm □ 200 · 250 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 460 · 800 lm 475 · 1025 lm

Ceiling and wall luminaires · Round Ceiling and wall luminaires · Square

Grazile rings

A clear, geometric shape, with optionally two or three rings – that is how these new ceiling luminaires offer surprising and memorable lighting design options for indoor spaces. Your choice of four exteriors opens up endless planning options. These luminaires create very special highlights – placed individually or in groups.

Luminaire luminous flux 3400 lm

Ceiling luminaires · Three rings Ceiling luminaires · Two rings

Eye-catching highlights

Sculptural design details on walls by day – delicate lamps by night: Ring luminaires with a coloured inlay create memorable illumination on their installation surfaces. Held by a coloured cylinder, the seemingly weightless rings emit their indirect light into the room, which is also reflected by the installation surface.

Arranged in groups or rows, they add an exclusive flair to the room.

Luminaire luminous flux 2265 · 3400 lm

Wall luminaires · One ring

Wall luminaires · Two rings

Wall luminaires · Three rings

Shining review

Brilliant rings of light, seemingly weightless in space. The LED technology of these pendant luminaires gives rise to lighting solutions that allow novel light concepts. Narrow rings of light with a coloured inlay create artfully designed pendant luminaires by day, and graceful illumination by night.

An arrangement in groups creates a particularly extravagant ambiance.

Size Ø 420 · 615 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 2265 · 3400 lm

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Shining attraction

Unshielded pendant luminaires create – especially when arranged in groups – a visual centre of a room. The concave inner shape in copper or brass transforms the translucent synthetic cover of these system pendant luminaires into attractive light sculptures when lit. They are eye-catching design elements during the day.

BEGA system pendant luminaires as a modular system, allow the combination of pendant luminaires and various installation components to suit any installation situation.

Size Ø 200 · 250 · 350  mm

Luminaire luminous flux 1580 – 2370 lm

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