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On-ground luminaires

For the illumination of vertical surfaces

Luminaires for the wide-area illumination of walls, façades and structures, or for use in garden architecture. Conventional floodlights are often not desired because of their design. Nor do such units always need to be installed in the ground, or need to be walkable or drive-over. For these applications, we have developed an encapsulated surface washer.

With LED, these luminaires have an asymmetrical light distribution. In the version for discharge lamps, the light distribution on the surface to be illuminated can be adjusted using an internal mechanical adjusting system.

These are robust and compact illumination devices for permanent installation on a foundation or on a BEGA anchorage unit.


Protection class  IP 67

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Safety glass
Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium

77 630  DALI controllable
77 795 · 77 796  with electronic ballast · Light distribution adjustable to 4 levels

These luminaires are bolted with a mounting plate onto a foundation provided by the customer or onto an anchorage unit made of hot-dip galvanised steel.
The BEGA mounting system can be used to adjust the luminaire.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table might change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

LED colour temperature
  Lamp Base A B C AC/DC
77 630 K3   LED 20.8 W 2190 lm DALI controllable 230 170 180
77 795   1 HIT-TC-CE 35 W G 8.5 230 170 180
77 796   1 HIT-TC-CE 70 W G 8.5 230 170 180

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