PRIMA · Ceiling and wall luminaires

Luminaires in the PRIMA series are designed for all applications requiring reliable technology and high cost efficiency. Luminaires for universal use. Compact, economical and versatile – with durable LED technology, of course. Luminaires with satin matt hand-blown opal glass or a translucent, impact-resistant synthetic cover. These luminaires are optionally available: for on/off operation, DALI controllable, with motion sensor or with various group module functions – one luminaire with motion sensor and group module (master) controls several other luminaires with group module (slave).

With the option of choosing between two outputs for each luminaire diameter, you can directly influence the number of luminaires, light effect and interior design right from the planning stage.


BEGA Thermal Management ®

Metal fitting, colour white
Satin matt opal glass or impact-resistant, translucent synthetic cover

Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90

20-year availability guarantee for LED modules

For applications where glass cannot be used: Luminaires in this series can be ordered with a translucent, impact-resistant synthetic cover by adding a P to the end of the article number. Separate metal trim rings in three different finishes allow the luminaires to be matched to different materials in the interior. Trim rings are accessories and must be ordered separately.

Emergency luminaires include automatic self-testing function.

The luminaire luminous flux and the luminaire connected wattage quoted in the table may change as a result of technical progress. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Technical features for additional requirements

Coordinated integrated components for the PRIMA series luminaires open up a wide range of possible applications. This means that future requirements for the luminaires can be taken into consideration as early as the planning stage.

On/off power supply unit

Power supply units that are perfectly coordinated with the LEDs used with respect to constant current, output voltage range and output. Luminaires with on/off power supply units can be switched on and off at the mains – however dimming is not possible.

DALI controllable

Power supply units with the technical features of an on/off power supply unit, plus an additional DALI interface for controlling and/or dimming luminaires via a DALI control or DALI control element.

The power supply units are fully DALI-compliant, which means they are compatible with DALI controls from any manufacturer as per the DALI standard.

A five-core connecting cable (L/N/PE/DA/DA) is required for the DALI control of luminaires. The following DALI specifications must be observed: maximum DALI cable length of 300 metres, maximum of 64 operating devices per DALI line, maximum of 16 groups per DALI line, maximum of 16 scenes per DALI line.

Motion sensor

Motion sensor for controlling an LED power supply unit based on high-frequency technology (HF). Range of 10 m, conical detection field of approx. 120°.

Three different adjustment options:

  • Holding time can be adjusted in seven increments from 10 to 1800 seconds
  • Triggering sensitivity can be adjusted in five increments
  • Integrated light sensor has six brightness levels

If multiple luminaires are to be switched via a single motion sensor, it is recommended that you use luminaires with a master module (switches a luminaire group) and luminaires with a slave module (single luminaire switched by the master module) for defined group switching.

Defined group: Motion sensor + group module (master) and slave module

Motion sensor with additional group module (master). When the motion sensor is triggered, the switch-on command is sent by radio to all luminaires with a group module (master and slave) in the same defined group. The group settings are made via DIP switches on the group module.

  • Open field radio range of up to 100 m
  • Radio range in buildings of up to 30 m – depending on the building structure
  • Maximum of 48 master luminaires per group – unlimited number of slave luminaires

To integrate an unlimited number of slave luminaires in the defined group, the luminaires must be equipped with a group radio module, which receives the switch-on commands from a group module (master).

Single emergency lighting battery

Emergency lighting function in accordance with EN 60598-2-22 and DIN VDE 0108-100. In the event that the mains voltage fails, this function switches the luminaires to emergency lighting operation for three hours. The battery used for this has a service life of four years.

The emergency lighting device performs self-tests, function tests and operating time tests at regular intervals. Initial charging of the battery takes 20 hours.

In emergency lighting operation, a lower LED luminaire output is available. When planning a lighting system, you therefore need to consider that the required minimum degree of illuminance based on the plane of reference must also be ensured in an emergency lighting situation.

Functional luminaires with clear-cut design lines

The minimalistic design with its clear-cut lines and no-frill shapes enable these luminaires to be put to many different uses. These simple but functional luminaires perform their duties to excellent effect in all rooms, in corridors and even in staircases.

Satin matt hand-blown opal glass

The LED ceiling and LED wall luminaires are fitted with satin matt hand-blown opal glass in three different sizes. They distribute light evenly and softly, creating a pleasant lighting atmosphere with a high level of visual comfort.

The luminaires are also available with a cover made of an impact-resistant synthetic material for applications in which glass cannot be used.

Trim rings made of metal

Separately available metal trim rings in different enamel finishes (white, palladium, polished silver) allow you to individually match the ceiling and wall luminaires to different interior materials.

Optimum coordination with every luminaire

Luminaires of the PRIMA series come with the most modern LED technology. Produced in-house, the LED modules are perfectly coordinated in terms of output and shape with each luminaire. Together, luminaire and lighting technology create a soft and uniform light in tried and tested BEGA quality.

Reliable and cost-efficient

The ability to choose between two LED outputs with identical luminaire dimensions for ceiling and wall luminaires allows you to take a direct influence on the number of luminaires, the light effect and the interior design as early as the planning stage.

Good light in terms of light generation and light distribution, thanks to tried and tested BEGA quality. A colour rendering index (CRI) of > 90 is achieved in combination with the LED modules manufactured in-house with opal glass. A further advantage as early as the planning stage: A choice of LED colour temperatures (2700, 3000 or 4000 K).

The luminaires of the PRIMA series will impress you with their minimum LED service life of 50,000 hours. BEGA has answered the call for LED replacement modules for its customers. An LED article number in every LED luminaire provides exact details of the installed modules. The fact that we produce the luminaires ourselves allows us to supply our customers with replacement modules even 20 years after they have purchased an LED luminaire – in the latest configuration, of course.

LED technology

LED technology has redefined acquired standards and assessment criteria and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. The sum total of its advantages makes this technology a milestone in lighting technology.
We use the superiority of LED in the development of new luminaires, but also in the technical perfection of existing luminaire series. In doing so, we go well beyond the applications normally expected on the market. We do this responsibly, competently and with a sense of proportion – but above all reliably. After all, reliability and a high standard of product quality are among our elementary values and convictions.In the development of our luminaires, therefore, thermo-management represents a great challenge. Efficiency and service life are already convincing and still improving. Module output and shape are variable and can be perfectly adapted to each luminaire. In addition to using high-grade components, we have also made design-related changes which contribute to favourable temperature conditions inside the luminaires.

More information about our LED technology

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