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Single wall luminaires

Luminaires made of copper and brilliant crystal bubble glass in single configuration.

An annular shield made of copper prevents glare from the luminaires, without affecting the impressive brilliance of the crystal bubble glass. The light from the luminaires is as vivid as the material. These luminaires are designed for applications around the house, alongside doors, gates and on pillars.

Copper forms its own protective coating and develops its distinctive character only gradually through the resulting patina. Quality, durability and beauty are attributes which have characterised this material for centuries.


Protection class IP 44

Hand-blown crystal bubble glass with thread

The luminaires are fixed to the mounting surface
by a stainless steel mounting plate.

  Lamp Base A B C D
31 222   1 Lampe 40 W E 14 115 200 105 90
31 223   1 Lampe 60 W E 27 150 265 135 90

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