Surface-mounted canopy · Smart

For the electrical installation and mounting of a BEGA system pendant luminaire on any type of ceiling. Includes a built-in Smart DALI Controller for controlling the luminaires with the BEGA Smart app.


BEGA Smart.
For a home where everything is easy

For generations, BEGA has been synonymous with quality, reliability and stylish design — as well as innovation. It’s our tradition to do more than just stay up to date; we also look to the future. That is exactly why we have always been pioneers in terms of lighting ideas and new technologies. Everything we do aims to create the kind of light that will make your life easier, safer and more beautiful.

One of our key products is BEGA Smart: our holistic control system for smart homes. This has nothing to do with gadgets or trends – it is all about improving quality of life long-term. We achieve this by focusing on what's important and simple. Not despite technological advancements, but because of them.

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BEGA Smart app
The control hub for the BEGA Smart Home system.

It controls each part of the system across short distances via Bluetooth and allows each system component to be individually programmed. Configuring how and when a luminaire or group of luminaires should behave is easy and intuitive. It takes only the touch of a button for all the luminaires to spread their cosy light. The room can be brightly illuminated at a pre-determined time. The app makes it possible to create countless lighting scenarios that can be controlled manually or automatically.

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