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Collection LIMBURG

The indoor luminaires of the LIMBURG Collection are convincing proof that we have mastered the art of producing high-quality glass. Hand-blown glass from our glassworks in Limburg forms the very essence of the beauty radiated by these luminaires.

The valuable handcrafted glass selected for the indoor luminaires of the LIMBURG Collection lies at the focus of a perfectly coordinated interplay of top-quality lighting technology and perfect metal workmanship. Whether multiple-layer opal glass or crystal glass processed in a variety of forms, the glass in our luminaires distributes the light with either brilliance or soft uniformity depending on how it is produced. The result is a pleasant lighting atmosphere with a high level of visual comfort.

Our glassmaking skills turn our high-quality luminaires for all areas of interior design into valuable unique objects. We work every day on further developing the light and glass attributes of our luminaires. The international acclaim enjoyed by their design and quality over the decades is not a matter of chance.

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The Collection LIMBURG · Ceiling luminaires

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The Collection LIMBURG · Wall luminaires

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