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Wall luminaires

Shielded and directed light

The light from the luminaires is shielded to the top and front by an aluminium shield, and directed onto the illuminated surface. A small slit of light at the back highlights the contours of the luminaire. The wall luminaires can be installed with the light emission either to the top or bottom.

Arranged as single luminaires around buildings or as groups, they are stylish elements for illuminating houses, gardens and wherever else atmospheric lighting is required.


Protection class IP 64

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Hand-blown crystal bubble glass with thread

Luminaire colour graphite

  Lamp Base A B C
31 196   1 Lampe 40 W E 14 135 185 120
31 197   1 Lampe 60 W E 27 155 220 145

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