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Wall luminaires with light emission on two sides

Wall luminaires with different light outputs, a wide and a narrow beam light output.

An optical system deflects the light from the lamp in two opposite directions. The light distribution is extremely narrow in one direction and wide in the other. The wide beam light illuminates the wall surface on which the luminaires are mounted, as well as the adjacent floor or ceiling surface.

Effective accents can be achieved with these luminaires.


Protection class IP 65

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel
Optical borosilicate glass

The larger light emission aperture can optionally be directed upwards or downwards.

  Lamp Base A B
33 222   1 HIT-TC-CE 35 W G 8.5 150 210
33 220   1 QT 18 40 W B 15 d 100 135
33 221   1 QT 18 100 W B 15 d 150 170