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Cantonal Parliament Building, Chur

Cantonal Parliament Building, Chur

A parliament building from the 19th century

The Cantonal Parliament Building is situated in the picturesque town of Chur in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Chur is reputedly the oldest town in Switzerland and has a townscape shaped by Mediterranean influences. The parliament building from the 19th century is used for sessions of the Graubünden Cantonal Parliament.

The former armoury is characterised by round arches and an impressively high-reaching assembly hall. As part of comprehensive restauration work carried out on the building in 2008, an extensive lighting concept was drawn up. An imposing chandelier is particularly effective at highlighting the vastness of the room.

The chandelier is comprised of 24 glass cylinders and provides basic lighting for the large assembly hall. With a diameter of three metres it illuminates the 127 seats with compact fluorescent lamps and is the hall’s main design element.

Graubünden Canton, Chur

Rudolf Fontana & Partner AG, Domat/Ems

Light planning
Michael Josef Heusi GmbH, Zurich

Electrical planning
Elkom Partner AG, Davos Platz

Alexander Gempeler, Bern


Luminaires used