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FC Krasnodar football stadium, Russia

FC Krasnodar football stadium, Russia

Impressive stadium construction ahead of the FIFA World Cup

One of the most impressive stadium structures to go up ahead of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia was constructed in Krasnodar. The arena of football club FC Krasnodar has a number of distinguishing features. The roof over the stadium features floodlights and an IR heating system for the over 34,000 spectator seats. The wave-shaped video wall with 360-degree display covers the entire upper tier of the stadium.

The structure cost EUR 290 million to make and stands on a slight rise as if on a stage, overlooking a vast park landscape into which it is visually integrated. The club’s training facilities with 15 football pitches, functional buildings and accommodation are located right next to the stadium. The Spanish national team selected this facility as its training base for the World Cup after Krasnodar was cancelled as a venue for the World Cup at the last minute.

The stadium exterior with its three-part façade is reminiscent of an ancient amphitheatre. The open spaces, event areas (amphitheatre, skate park) and access routes in front of the stadium pay homage to the style of a small colosseum. The surroundings of the stadium and the training centre are illuminated by BEGA luminaires. The lighting designers took on board the BEGA philosophy of offering visually and technically coordinated lighting solutions in various luminaire groups, which, when combined, highlight the architecture to perfection.

The main route, which encircles the oval arena, is illuminated by BEGA light building elements. The luminaires with either one or two light sources and asymmetrical flat beam light distribution direct visitors towards the entrances of the stadium and give the area structure. These light building elements draw considerably more attention than simple pole-top luminaires. The visual layout of the light building elements includes bollards and on-ground luminaires by BEGA for glare-free light points.

LED wall luminaires with a low overhang and directed light illuminate passageways inside the stadium complex. At low mounting heights, these also serve as markers for hazard points.

Recessed LED compact downlights are the perfect choice for very high ceilings. Luminaires with symmetrical narrow beam and symmetrical wide beam light distribution are used for a variety of lighting situations in Krasnodar.

LED wall washers with light emission on one side create flat beam, strip-like lighting on the ground close to the façade. These luminaires are optionally available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution.

General contractor
Esta Construction, Moscow

Von Gerkan, Marg & Partner, Hamburg

Lighting concept
Conceptlicht GmbH, Traunreut
Esta Construction, Moscow


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