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Les Quinconces Cultural Centre, Le Mans

Les Quinconces Cultural Centre, Le Mans

Les Quinconces Cultural Centre

It is not unusual to see important historical structures standing shoulder to shoulder with contemporary glass façades in the heart of the French city of Le Mans. That is how the new Cultural Centre by the Parisian architects Babin + Renaud came to be – right next to St. Julien, the cathedral dating back to the 13th/14th century.

The Cultural Centre features two art forms: film and theatre. Architecturally, the distinction is visualised with two separate wings, which are connected via an elongated, interlaced roof. Semi-transparent glass fronts provide a view of the generously dimensioned lobby of the theatre. The cylindrical pendant luminaires enhance the festive effect without being overpowering.

Hanging at various heights, the pendant luminaires soften the formal and archetypical lines of the building. The premium quality glass covers of the luminaries are manufactured using a particular production process. A wafer thin opalescent layer is molten between two layers of crystal glass. The resulting three-layer glass creates an optimised, even diffusion of the light.

City of Le Mans

General Contractor
Heulin, Le Mans

Babin + Renaud, Paris

Lighting Design
Light Cibles, Paris

Garzynski Traploir, Le Mans

Cécile Septet, Paris


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