Südkreuz Station, Berlin

Südkreuz Station, Berlin
Südkreuz Station, Berlin
Südkreuz Station, Berlin
Südkreuz Station, Berlin

Südkreuz Station, Berlin

Transfer point with innovative concepts

Berlin Südkreuz Station is located in the Tempelhof-Schöneberg district south of Berlin city centre.

It forms an intersection and allows passengers to switch between long-distance and local transport. The station is a multi-level station; the platforms are distributed over different levels. Its special feature, besides its size and its shopping facilities, is its modern energy concept.

In Südkreuz Station, German Railways tested innovative mobility, information and energy concepts, and in 2014 installed the first wind power plant on a station roof. This was followed by a photovoltaic system. The generated energy is passed on to charging points for electric cars and electric bicycles and is used for a charging system for the electric buses of the Berlin public transport company.

The station’s innovative concepts continue in the illumination system: Indoors and outdoors, different BEGA luminaires guarantee the impressive illumination of the public areas.

To ensure a bright atmosphere in the covered area of the station, which is up to 14 m high, downlights with reflectors are used.

In front of the station, BEGA pole-top luminaires ensure high quality illumination for the travellers. In the adjacent multi-storey car park, square recessed luminaires with unshielded light mark the curve at the entrance and offer good orientation as well as safety.

Thanks to their clear lines and timeless design, all of the luminaires fit into the linear, technical design of the transfer point. They meet the lighting requirements of a station, and guarantee good orientation. At the same time, they are integral components of the architectural structure thanks to their different light effects.

Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin

Station and rail installations: JSK, Berlin
Outdoor facilities: Topotek, Berlin

Lighting design
Edgar and Ruth Schlaefle, Berlin

Electrical planning
Ingenieurbüro Kaczmarek, Berlin

Elektro Vieweg KG, Chemnitz


Luminaires used