Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland

Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland
Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland
Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland
Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland
Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland

Uster Indoor Pool Centre, Switzerland

Swiss Swim Training Centre

Located on the banks of the picturesque Lake Greifen, Uster is the third largest city in the Canton of Zurich with over 35,000 inhabitants. The local indoor swimming facility, however, ranks right at the top. With 6,600 square metres, the Buchholz Indoor Pool Centre is the largest public facility of its kind in Switzerland. The 50 m Olympic size pool and the two 25 m pools have made this location the official training centre for the national Swiss team.

The lighting system of this architecturally sophisticated centre was updated as part of a comprehensive modernisation project. The intentionally generous glass façades of the centre are a definite plus for pool users, but also means very little installation surfaces for efficient illumination. The narrow and compact shape of BEGA wall luminaires are the perfect solution. They ensure excellent light conditions and create attractive highlights on the wall with their rotationally symmetrical narrow beam light distribution and light emission on two sides. The three luminaire sizes with different light outputs used in this project offer a multitude of lighting design options for the indoor and outdoor areas of the facility.

The BEGA LED compact floodlights offer uniform illumination on the paths of the large area pool compound. Their wide beam light distribution ensures excellent levels of illumination. Their custom coating, which was developed specifically for use in pool areas, makes them virtually impervious to water vapours with chlorine content.

Symmetrical wide beam BEGA surface-mounted ceiling luminaires used as LED compact downlights create an attractive ambiance in the well-lit changing rooms and locker area. The recessed ceiling luminaires used in the shower area offer utmost safety and good illumination. The adjustable light distribution and adjustable reflector inclination angle (0° to 30°) make them a great choice for individual requirements.

The main entrance of the centre is lit perfectly with some of our elegant BEGA recessed ceiling luminaires. Outside, just under the canopy next to the main entrance, these LED compact downlights with symmetrical light diffusion offer plenty of light and with it a great first impression for arriving guests.

City of Uster

Architecture & Overall Management:
K&L Architekten AG, St. Gallen

Client representative:
Keller Partner Bauberater AG

Lighting Designer:
Hellraum GmbH, St. Gallen

The swimming facility is Minergie-certified.


Luminaires used