Acquisition of the majority in the partner company AUBRILAM from France

Two market leaders are pooling their expertise under one roof: BEGA acquires the majority stake of the French partner company AUBRILAM. As a globally operating luminaire manufacturer, BEGA has already been maintaining an extremely successful system partnership with AUBRILAM for almost a decade - the globally respected brand for street furniture solutions made of wood, for high-performance wooden poles as well as bollards.

The expected development of urbanization trends with an establishment of leisure-focused lifestyles in growing cities will increase the demand for high-quality street furniture. Wood as a very sustainable natural material will play a major role in this, along with convincing lighting solutions. The acquisition of AUBRILAM by BEGA was a logical next step to offer a portfolio that is also exceptional in this area. The philosophy of both companies that only extraordinary quality as well as the durability of the products are tolerable was the basis of the partnership. This previous success story has now been brought together under one roof.

As the future French BEGA location, AUBRILAM will remain present in the market as a brand with an independent product portfolio - with the same number of employees. Soufyane Miloudi remains Managing Partner of AUBRILAM; Turki Badeeb remains as Partner. The brand has been established in the market since 1978 and is based in Clermont-Ferrand, with its manufacturing facility nearby in Brioude.

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