Safety-related lighting

Safety check

These are the luminaire features that can guide your designs

Pleasant light and well-planned illumination solutions are designed for stable and future-proof operation with unconditional durability, top quality and an extraordinary long service life of the luminaires. The two overviews below subdivide your requirements for such luminaires into safety-relevant areas for reliable use.

Feeling safe
Light reduces discomfort in unfamiliar surroundings

Identify hazard areas with light to eliminate accident potential

Deterrence of subversive elements
Prevent “dark corners”

Facilitate orientation in unknown surroundings

For quick orientation, the entrance area of the Arzanah Medical Complex in Abu Dhabi is visually highlighted with plenty of light.
The paths to the tracks, a not inconsiderable difference in height to overcome: in the Dortmund subway, lighting is required for orientation.

Visual comfort
Prevent glare and create a good balance of light and shadow

Rooms can be clearly defined and structured and people are guided with light

Easy handling
Take advantage of the convenient installation options offered by BEGA luminaires and BEGA controllers

Use sensor technology and automated routines in addition to pushbuttons and smart control for recurring light patterns

Intuitive light control
Define intuitive usage scenarios and deploy convenient smart control systems like BEGA Connect

Economical operation
Optimal light output with minimal energy consumption

Operational safety
Trust in the benefits of safety technologies integrated in BEGA luminaires

Trust in our decades of experience in developing luminaires

Low maintenance
Benefit from the high-end materials and matching components used in our products

For sensitive and particularly responsible work, light that goes beyond the norm can sometimes be helpful.
For sensitive and particularly responsible work, light that goes beyond the norm can sometimes be helpful.

Protection against vandalism
You can rely on the robust quality of our products

emergency lighting function
We will adapt your emergency luminaires to your specific lighting needs – so you can benefit from them long-term

Standard compliance
Avoid over-dimensioned lighting systems

Convenient light control
Fast and easy setup options

Safety-related lighting

This article appears in our customer magazine “Safety-relevant lighting”.