Creativity in lighting

BEGA gobo floodlights

Gobo floodlights (Graphical Optical BlackOut) create memorable moments. They project logos, patterns or text and ensure exceptional and informative visual effects. They are an excellent choice for the permanent projection of advertising messages or logos, or for temporary, high-impact light shows. They offer information, set the stage and lead the way as additional lighting components.

BEGA gobo floodlights feature an extremely compact design, paired with high performance characteristics. They are suitable for standard glass or metal gobos. The size and focus of the projected image can be regulated via projector lenses.

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Extremely compact and reduced design with impressive efficiency


Adjustable holder for standard glass and metal gobos


Precise glass lens adjustment via spiral rotation


Three flexible mounting options: mounting box, G ½ connecting thread or an adapter for profile pole mounting

Light distribution

BEGA technologies for exceptional quality and durability

In all our products, we focus on long-term value retention to ensure reliable outdoor use. That claim is also reflected in our gobo floodlight portfolio. It features premium components and technologies for exceptional illumination and outstanding durability.

Our BEGA Thermal Management® offers two protection levels for the highly efficient protection against overheating due to excessive ambient temperatures. The BEGA Thermal Control® protection level ensures optimized component protection for the floodlights. If needed, the luminaire will continue to function with an adjusted output and will not have to be switched off.

BEGA Ultimate Drivers® are power supply units with numerous unique features. They offer an impressively long service life, high dielectric strength and maximum durability based on an extremely robust design, as well as efficient overvoltage protection and a low inrush current.

The extremely weather-resistant BEGA Unidure® powder coating ensures maximum weather protection and lightfastness of the components BEGA Unidure®. It achieves outstanding results in the most extreme long-term tests (continuous sunlight exposure, very high temperatures, high humidity).

The structured lenses of the floodlights ensure a homogeneous mix of the light incidence, preventing blurred projections or unwanted colour gradients in RGBW luminaires.

Gobo masks

Our BEGA gobo floodlight for commercial gobo masks is the perfect tool for memorable light staging. At, you can find a large selection of gobo motifs in custom sizes or have them made to order to suit your individual requirements.

The article numbers of our floodlights are known to Rosco and its distribution partners, which facilitates the ordering of multi-coloured glass gobos for special effects to match our BEGA gobo floodlights. In other words: you simply have to state our article number when placing your order.

Image distortion may occur depending on the placement of the floodlight relative to the projection surface. We recommend providing all necessary dimensional data alongside your order to prevent such unwanted effects right at the planning and production stage (keystone calculations).

Metal gobos allow the projection of light/dark motifs on the staging surface.

Glass gobos, for which the motif content is lasered into wafer-thin carrier layers, can project solid shapes, levels of grey, colours and colour gradients.

Installation options

They come with a mounting box, a G ½ threaded connection and an adapter for mounting on profile poles to fulfil various on-site installation requirements.

The RGBW models further enhance the range of applications by adding the option of projecting a specific light colour choice.

Mounting box

ISO 228 G 1/2 connecting thread

Adapter for profile posts