Ceiling and wall luminaires

Protection class IP 44

Economical luminaires with long-life technology and, depending on the intended area of use, either a hand-blown opal glass cover or a translucent, impact-resistant synthetic cover. Luminaires for ceiling or wall mounting with LED module or LED lamps for E 27 screw base.

Luminaires which, thanks to their IP 44 protection class, are also ideal for bathroom lighting in accordance with VDE 0100, and provide the perfect solution for many indoor planning and project tasks.

Technical data

Protection class IP 44

Metal fitting, colour white Satin matt opal glass or Translucent synthetic cover

Luminaires with LED module: On/off or DALI-controllable power supply units · BEGA Thermal Management® Colour rendering index (CRI) > 90 LED colour temperature 3000 K or 4000 K 20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

We supply the lights with an E 27 socket including matching LED lamps. Colour rendering index (CRI) >80 Colour temperature 2700 K or 3000 K

For applications where glass cannot be used: Luminaires in this series can be ordered with a translucent, impact-resistant synthetic cover by adding P to the end of the article number.

View planning examples

Soft light is required in the staircase so that the steps do not cast any hard, irritating shadows. The light should also be glare-free. A combination of ceiling and wall luminaires is most suitable. In our example, landings on the individual floors are illuminated with light from the ceiling. The stairs themselves, on the other hand, are accompanied by wall luminaires. Here the luminaires should have as low installation depths as possible to ensure they are not in the way on the stairs. 

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