Indoor luminaires with high protection class

Perfect for wet areas in accordance with VDE 0100

Our indoor luminaires with a high protection class (IP 44) are suitable for all forms of light planning in buildings – they are particularly suitable for use in wet areas.

Special protective measures apply for electrical systems in wet-cell areas. The appropriate protection class (IP = International Protection) according to the IEC 529 classification system is clearly marked on our luminaires. With a view to the protection of the luminaires from water ingress, protective measures are necessary in wet-cell areas. With BEGA luminaires, these comply with national and international safety regulations.

Despite their guaranteed protection from water ingress, indoor luminaires with high protection classes are not automatically suitable for use outdoors. The nature of the materials used must be adapted to the extreme stress of outdoor use, such as enormous temperature fluctuations, dirt accumulation and weather conditions. You can find more information in the product data sheets.

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