Safety-related lighting

The necessity of unrestricted lighting functionality

Rapid ascertainment of surroundings is essential around the clock in service areas – the key is the quality of the luminaires

Lighting around the clock as an irreplaceable requirement is something we see daily in our sensitive living spaces. Especially in the field of health and transportation services, unrestricted illumination becomes necessary when it gets dark: Fire stations, hospitals, airports, train stations and bus stops, busy pedestrian areas and road traffic hubs require safe illumination around the clock.

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This often has to happen quickly: The entrance of the Brüderkrankenhaus Hospital in Paderborn provides orientation and is easily visibly from a distance.

The necessity for good illumination during evening and night hours is based on the need to be able to take in one’s surroundings quickly:

Initial orientation and immediate understanding of what we see – it all must happen in the blink of an eye. In addition to being able to spot tripping hazards, it is – of course – essential to clearly see other people and traffic users.

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That, which is regarded as a matter of course, requires careful consideration by lighting designers far beyond actual illumination. The quality of the luminaires and their components is the invariable focus. Despite continuous periods of use, malfunctions are not acceptable: durability is a must. Low maintenance enhances the quality of use of the lighting system just s much as permanent control over all things illumination – centrally, yet with the option of anywhere access.

Safety check: Read more about the requirements for luminaires to ensure reliable deployment in safety-relevant areas:

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On the platforms of Berlin’s city rail service, good illumination at all times is essential ensuring correct orientation for large volumes of people.
In the event of an emergency, there can’t be any question about light at the Kaarst fire station. Light always has to be present.

BEGA luminaires and light controls are designed and manufactured with tested and reliable components. Above-average service life and thoroughly reliable operational stability help to prevent malfunctions. As a result, the illumination is a constant factor for the illuminated area at all times: Light helps guide visitors through complex traffic areas and buildings, where footpaths are not immediately intuitive.

BEGA Connect facilitates easy, convenient and quick light management online in the cloud:

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In addition to this safety aspect of light in the areas of service and traffic, the illumination of landmarks and structures creates a discernible identity and improves the quality of life. The lighting landscape acts as the business card of a city, company or institution.

Locals and visitors alike benefit from the strategic and value-enhancing staging of structures, central traffic points or inviting leisure areas.

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In Gallneukirchen, recessed wall luminaires form part of a staircase and provide the necessary safe footing.

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Safety-related lighting

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