From the historical
chandelier to
more modern interpretations

BEGA luminaires with the latest technology give grand halls and rooms a unique shine

Originally, historical chandeliers were fitted with oil lamps or candles for lighting of extremely large rooms. Their grand size and appearance makes these prestigious pendant luminaires look ever so impressive.

From their traditional beginnings in the fifth century, these historical luminaires evolved into the modern chandelier – a wide ring suspended from three chains with multiple luminaire arms. For a grand hall or large room not to have one of these decorative, illuminating fixtures was just as unthinkable centuries ago as would be today.

BEGA chandeliers are the contemporary interpretation of these historic luminaires. Equipped with the latest technology, of course.

Striking luminaires make a big impact

Pleasant, impressive and festive lighting for grand halls and large room architecture: BEGA chandeliers not only impress with their light effects. Their generous size elevates both exclusive private rooms, as well as grand, stylish architecture.

We have redesigned these luminaires and offer them in various different versions. There is now a variety of light effects and light distributions to choose from, which can be adapted to the individual room. All the luminaires distribute their light both upwards and downwards – and can be separately controlled on custom-made products.

Chandeliers with BEGA Hybrid Optics ®

The downlights with wide-beam light distribution utilise the advantages of lens and reflector technology.

The result is highly efficient, low-loss optical systems with optimum glare suppression and very compact dimensions. Chandeliers with this lighting technology stand out due to their very high luminous efficiency and the excellent quality of their lighting.

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Chandeliers with opal glass

Lenses made of three-ply opal glass softly and evenly distribute the light upwards and downwards in the room.

The frosted, hand-blown luminaire glass provides a pleasant, uniform brightness and a lighting atmosphere that is reminiscent of festively lit rooms thanks to the long cylindrical luminaire bodies.

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Chandeliers with crystal glass

The partially frosted, thick-walled crystal glass characterises the festive aesthetic of these chandeliers. The built-in reflector deflects the light upwards and downwards in the room in a very wide beam.

The handcrafted crystal glass creates a brilliant, multi-faceted play of light.

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STUDIO LINE Chandeliers

The STUDIO LINE chandeliers feature a fascinating composition of different metal finishes with an elegant lighting atmosphere.

The matt, metallic colours on the interior (aluminium, brass or copper-coloured) contrast beautifully with the velvet black or velvet white exterior finish – especially when illuminated.

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