BEGA NeoGlass®

Alternative to glass and silicone components

BEGA NeoGlass® is a highly efficient alternative to comparable materials to glass or silicone – ensuring exceptional quality in optical systems and highly reliable luminaire covers.

The deciding factors for using glass, one of the BEGA NeoGlass® variants, or silicone in our products are technology requirements and ambient conditions.

Optical systemsBalanced lens material composition for optimum light deflection

Luminaire coversMaterial composition for safe and impact-resistant covers – coloured and clear

Highly refined quality, sustainable efficiency

Quality-enhancing additives are used to refine the base materials PMMA and PMMI and create BEGA NeoGlass®. This exclusive formulation, which has been tried and tested in endurance tests, ensures lasting material stability as well as temperature and UV resistance. This means there is no yellowing.

Outstanding light distribution qualities and superior lighting efficiency due to optimal light throughput round off the exceptional performance level of BEGA NeoGlass®.

Significantly lower energy consumption and a highly economical use of resources are significant factors in the production of the material. The new BEGA material is 100 percent recyclable. Its low intrinsic weight ensures reduced transport costs and emissions.

More about the materials we use

Metals and finishes

We take extra care in the development and manufacture of our luminaires – which also includes optimum protection of the metals and finishes we use. Corrosion resistance, weatherproofing and lightfastness: our technologies fulfil the highest requirements.

Glass production

Our glassworks is a manufacture where craftsmanship is very much the main focus. Our personnel is and always will be at the core of our glass production and glass finishing, as these people are indispensable for the control of the complicated work processes and the mindfulness regarding the sensitivity of the material that is glass.

About wood and its maintenance

Wood is durable and lastingly attractive. It is a vibrant, emotional material that conveys comfort, warmth and an affinity with nature. At the same time, wood boasts a high degree of durability.

With the material from our affiliate AUBRILAM, who has decades of expertise in outdoor wood applications, we bring the numerous advantages of wood to bear.