BEGA Coating Technology®

Our surface technologies with outstanding durability

BEGA luminaires should blend in seamlessly with the architecture as attractive building details and fulfil their purpose for a long time. In the spirit of sustainability, we focus specifically on efficient surface protection for our luminaires. And the reasons why we insist on corrosion resistance, weatherproofing and lightfastness are not just because our products will be used in the most diverse climatic conditions around the globe.

BEGA Coating Technology® combines two technologies for the efficient protection of metallic surfaces. These technologies allow us to achieve the best possible surface protection. You can find data sheets for all luminaires on our website. They provide information on all luminaire data and the use of BEGA Coating Technology®.

BEGA Unidure®

BEGA Unidure® is our proprietary technology that allows us to meet the highest demands in terms of weather resistance and lightfastness. This extremely weather-resistant powder coating achieves outstanding results in the most extreme endurance tests for worldwide use under particularly challenging climatic conditions involving continuous sunlight, extremely high temperatures and high humidity.

BEGA Tricoat®

We use our proprietary BEGA Tricoat® technology to achieve maximum corrosion resistance. These carefully coordinated inorganic and organic coating processes applied to extremely resistant alloys ensure the best possible surface protection and outstanding corrosion resistance.