BEGA Urban Elements

Creative elements for a smart environment

At BEGA, innovation is tradition. That’s why we always think of the world with an eye on tomorrow. Our goal: an urban space that combines functional flexibility with impressive aesthetics. We are designing a future where we can go about our daily lives efficiently and feel good while doing so.

BEGA Urban Elements supplies urban planners, landscape architects and companies with the elements they need to design our environment in a sophisticated way. Designed to make us feel at home outside our homes – whether on the way to work, in our favourite restaurant, on a company campus or strolling through the city.


Charging stations for electric vehicles

The main challenge for future mobility is the comprehensive expansion of charging points for electric vehicles without impairing the cityscape or commercial and private areas with cumbersome charging stations. The new BEGA charging units can be integrated into bollard tubes, light building elements, or in luminaire poles.

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Urban furniture

Modular Furniture System

Free and flexible: configure individual street furniture elements to suit your design requirements. Use tables, benches and planter modules to create unique arrangements for public spaces.

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Outdoor Furniture

In semi-public spaces, such as restaurants and leisure centres, furniture serves much more than a purely practical function. It gives areas structure and atmosphere. Our outdoor furniture provides what guests expect from social meeting places: it brings people closer together.

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