BEGA Smart

For a home where everything is easy

Smart luminaires, smart components

The smart home — intuitively designed and centrally controlled with BEGA Smart. Components can be integrated and are easy to use, making our comprehensive lighting system the control centre for all your illumination and control needs. BEGA Smart interlinks indoor and outdoor living spaces. Convenient, flexible and always on the cutting edge of technology.

Smart Plug

It couldn’t be easier to make a home smart. Put BEGA Smart Plug into the wall socket – done. Each device can be quickly and easily incorporated into the BEGA Smart system and controlled via smartphone or remote control. Switch on or off, create groups of smart devices and lighting scenarios — and set up everything with a timer. Wireless, unobtrusive and stylish.

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Smart DALI Controller

The Smart DALI Controller modernises existing electrical installations. It brings professional light control to any building with the manufacturer-independent DALI interface standard. It even works if only three-core cables are installed. It also acts as a link between all components of the BEGA Smart system and allows all DALI luminaires and Zigbee lamps to be controlled remotely.

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Smart Rotary Dimmer

The BEGA Smart Rotary Dimmer only needs an unused flush-mounted or cavity wall socket to make your home smart. And it is extremely easy to use: the dimmer doesn't need an app or a remote control to control Zigbee-capable luminaires in the room. And if you like, it can also be used as a link between input devices and luminaires. That makes the Smart Rotary Dimmer an easy and versatile entry point into the smart home universe.

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PRO Remote Control

The PRO Remote Control offers full control over the smart lighting system. Simple, user-friendly control over distances of up to 30 metres. The BEGA Smart app allows you to program all functions individually; they can then be controlled easily and intuitively via the E-Paper display with touch ring and two favourites buttons. This allows you to control individual luminaires or entire groups of luminaires, as well as access lighting scenarios and colours either manually or automatically. And you can do all that while sitting on the sofa.

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BEGA system pendant luminaires

BEGA luminaires are intended to blend in harmoniously as architectural details. Our BEGA system pendant luminaires meet the requirements of flexible installation and connection options for the indoors. As a modular system, the pendant luminaires can be combined with various installation components – for individual solutions of the highest standard.

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BEGA Smart Socket

The BEGA Smart Socket connecting pillar provides a smart power supply in the garden. It allows any device with a safety plug to be controlled via the BEGA Smart app and integrates both LED luminaires and conventional luminaires into the smart lighting system for the garden. For a garden that stands out from the rest — both visually and technically.

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BEGA Plug & Play

With BEGA Plug & Play, illuminating your garden is simple: There is no elaborate groundwork required for laying electrical cables, and BEGA Plug & Play can be changed and extended quickly and easily at any time.

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BEGA LED lamps for luminaires with conventional lamp bases

Smart and energy-efficient light for luminaires with conventional lamp bases is easy to achieve with the new BEGA LED lamps. They enable straightforward replacement wherever lamps with conventional E14 or E27 lamp bases are required.

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Zigbee system components

The Zigbee radio control is used together with BEGA Smart in control systems where there is no additional data or control cable. Zigbee radio networks are based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard. The BEGA Control Zigbee radio control is compatible with Zigbee 3.0, which means that it can easily be integrated with third-party systems with this standard. This guarantees that actuators, switches, pushbuttons and sensors from other manufacturers can also be integrated into the system. The system allows radio contact between devices over distances of up to 100 metres.

Zigbee control module with DALI interface

Relay output with a maximum switching capacity of 3,600 VA. Connected loads are integrated into the Zigbee system using the control module and can thus be controlled via Zigbee control elements. Control modules with 1-10 V and DALI outputs are available.

Zigbee router module

Signal amplifier for extending the maximum radio range (30 metres within a free field) between two components.