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Illuminate what’s important

Simply good

Our basic downlights are the ideal solution for straightforward outdoor lighting. Thanks to their streamlined design and easy installation, they deliver everything you need for efficient lighting: both as surface-mounted and as recessed luminaires.

Large recessed luminaires Ø 175 · 220 mm

Large surface-mounted luminaires Ø 150 · 195 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 990 – 3250 lm

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The perfect shape

These circular or rounded ceiling and wall luminaires are the ideal solution for areas where the focus is on high product quality, large quantities and price sensitivity. The cast aluminium luminaire housing and the white, impact-resistant BEGA NeoGlass® synthetic cover satisfy strictest requirements.

Size Ø 210 · 280 mm □ 200 · 280 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 800 – 1600 lm

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Made for night

Experience advanced Dark Sky technology with our high-quality recessed wall luminaires, which emit less than 1% of their light into the night sky. Apart from high quality and versatile installation options, including flush or surface-mounting, these luminaires offer asymmetrical light distribution.

The luminaire is also available in a bollard version.

Length 170 · 260 · 320 · 330 · 420 · 520 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 290 – 1650 lm

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Graphite and bronze – the harmonious combination of these two colour tones lends an individual signature to private gardens. Apart from the lighting effect, the unusual shapes with partial and full cut-outs are particularly eye-catching – as always, with the same familiar BEGA quality.

Size Ø 100 mm × 700 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 350 lm

Garden and pathway luminaires · With full light cut-out

Garden and pathway luminaires · With partial light cut-out

Even more design freedom, thanks toBEGA UniLink® Play

BEGA UniLink® continues to grow: BEGA UniLink® Play makes it incredibly easy to achieve your smart garden lighting. Thanks to BEGA UniLink® system is being expanded to include small-format luminaires that stay in the background with their streamlined design and highlight the individual light staging of your garden. A minimalistic pathway luminaire ensures shielded illumination in your garden. The combination of secure operating voltage with 48 volts and watertight plug connectors enables even more flexibility in garden design with long cable lengths.

Find out more about BEGA UniLink® Play

Light from a low height

Not only do these on-ground luminaires feature a strikingly flat and elegant design, they also offer protection against vandalism. They owe their stability and robustness to a sophisticated design and selection of materials. As a result, they can easily be used in public areas.

Our BEGA Tricoat ® coating makes the luminaires highly resistant to corrosion, enhancing their durability. They are also DALI-controllable and comply with Dark Sky requirements.

Size H 190 mm Ø 350 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 800 lm

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Wall washers for the illumination of vertical surfaces

These new on-ground luminaires are used for uniform illumination of vertical surfaces: they illuminate facades from the base to the eaves. The upper light emission can be adjusted precisely to the facade height to prevent the emission of extraneous light into the night sky.

Size 265 × 110 × 255 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 1264 – 2642 lm

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Directed light from the ground

The innovative optical system extends our range of in-ground luminaires to include a targeted solution for custom lighting requirements. The floodlights feature a matrix of 25 individually controllable LEDs that are arranged in a 5x5 grid. This enables precise adjustment of light distributions and scenarios: whether symmetrical, asymmetrical, narrow beam or wide beam. These options can also be played dynamically in a sequence.

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Highlights under water

An illuminated swimming pool looks great at night. These highly efficient BEGA recessed luminaires are optionally available with symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution. They are designed for use in all pool types – for chlorinated drinking water and for salt water pools.

Their special installation housing is designed for applications in stainless steel, synthetic or liner basins. Yet they also create visual highlights in tiled pools or basins with adhesive or film coating.

Size Ø 250 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 8100 – 9000 lm

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Performance floodlights in a new shape

Our latest high-performance floodlight is a lighting solution with a modern design and innovative technology. Thanks to a deep-set optical system, it features reduced stray light along with ideal glare suppression. This floodlight offers a broad range of light distributions.

It is available with a mounting box, G 1/2” threaded connection, connection adapter or earth spike for highly versatile and flexible installation options.

Size Ø 95 – 250 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 530 – 8990 lm

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Embracing curves

Our floral poles – in an arch or S shape – offer the ideal foundation for installing up to four floodlights and enable truly special lighting design with their curved lines. Not only are these poles impressive as individual pieces, they can also make an eye-caching highlight when combined in groups.

Height 6000 mm

Max. number of floodlights 4

To the floral pole in arch formTo the floral S-shaped pole

Classical shape for modern requirements

If traditional shapes are required for road lighting and Dark Sky requirements need to be fulfilled at the same time, our new “Montpellier” pole-top luminaires from The Collection BOOM are the right choice. The internal LED technology meets all the requirements for modern illumination. Furthermore, thanks to an optional Zhaga interface, it is also optimally suited for integration into a Smart City.

Size Ø 325 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 4000 lm

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Spherical form for environmentally friendly lighting

In a harmonious symbiosis of tradition and environmental responsibility, we are presenting a modern take on the classic spherical form. The emphasis here lies on environmentally responsible outdoor lighting that emits less than 1% of luminous flux into the upper half-space. The light is distributed gently via a top reflector, creating atmospheric lighting that is not just aesthetically pleasing, but also addresses environmental considerations.

Size Ø 450 mm

Luminaire luminous flux 2,750 lm

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