Portable BEGA UniLink® garden luminaires

For private use

Spherical BEGA UniLink® garden luminaires for atmospheric lighting in private gardens and large garden areas. They have a conventional E 27 screw base and are suitable for operation with LED lamps. We supply the E 27 screw base luminaire versions complete with a corresponding LED lamp. The long service life and high luminous efficiency of BEGA LED lamps guarantee maintenance-friendly and economical operation of these spherical luminaires. These luminaires develop their distinctive character as design elements in groups with different sphere diameters.

All BEGA UniLink® luminaires come with a factory-fitted, five-metre-long connecting cable with a waterproof plug connector. This can be used to connect extension cables or even five-way distribution boxes, if required. This makes it quick and easy to position several luminaires in remote locations in a garden, for example. The system can be expanded or modified at any time by means of additional five-way distribution boxes and extension cables, and with additional luminaires with BEGA UniLink® plug connectors.

All connection and extension cables are flexible and can easily be installed on the ground, in trees, or on structural elements.

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Light for the house and the garden

Designed specifically for private use

BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

Technical data

Protection class IP 65

Stainless steel base plate Synthetic sphere, white

5 m connecting cable with BEGA UniLink® plug connector

LED lamps · Colour temperature 3000 K are included in the delivery

Please note: Connecting individual BEGA UniLink® luminaires or a UniLink system to the mains requires a mains plug, which must be ordered separately.

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Private garden
Light gives a garden structure and emphasises the plants and trees. Shielded bollards border the terrace which leads along the pool and ends in a seating area. Underwater floodlights create a Mediterranean lighting atmosphere. The large trees in the background reflect the light of the in-ground floodlights. Portable compact floodlights emphasise individual plants. The boundaries of the garden are defined with spherical luminaires. The intensity of the illumination can be adjusted to satisfy personal preferences with the help of a light control system.

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