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Our LED technology

Decades of experience have taught us the quality that is demanded of our luminaires. This knowledge results in the continuous improvement of our products. Of course, this demand for quality applies to our LED technology as well. When processing and selecting our LED components, we consistently adhere our own ideas and are not guided by standard market criteria. We have established all the necessary conditions to this end, including the latest manufacturing processes.

All BEGA LED luminaires are supplied with tailor-made modules from our own production line.

More about our LED technology

Replacement and 20-year availability guarantee

We have not yet found answers – either from external module suppliers or luminaire manufacturers – that meet our understanding of corporate responsibility. We have come up with a solution to this problem for our customers. You will find a lamp designation in every one of our LED luminaires, providing exact details on the modules installed within. Furthermore, our in-house production will enable us to deliver matching LED modules for many years to come.

We guarantee our customers that they will be able to obtain replacement modules from us up 20 years after purchasing an LED luminaire.

Our technologies

The use of the latest and most advanced technologies and the ongoing development of all our components have always been part of the BEGA commitment. Registered trademarks document the unique technological features of BEGA luminaires in many areas. For sustainable products of exceptional durability that impressively highlight architectural features.

  • Thermal management for optimum component protection
  • Optical systems with the very best lighting quality
  • Surface technologies for outstanding durability

BEGA AR+ The augmented reality app from BEGA

The free BEGA AR+ app allows you to view our luminaires from all angles without ever leaving your home. Download this convenient app to your smartphone or tablet and you're ready to go. Scan the room or area, where you are thinking of installing the luminaire. Then you can add it to the desired position in the app.

  • Evaluate BEGA luminaires in real time and in the area you plan to install them
  • Take a look at our products from all sides and in different designs
  • Turn the luminaires on and off
  • Darken the surroundings to better assess the effect of the luminaires.
  • Duplicate the luminaires to create a coordinated lighting design
  • Experience how the luminaires illuminate the surroundings
  • Determine the ideal distances between the luminaires and view these distances exactly.
  • Save snapshots of the scenes you create in your photo gallery

Our service for convenient luminaire planning: Our BEGA garden and pathway luminaires can also be viewed in their intended surroundings without using the BEGA AR+ app. On our website, you can click the AR icon in the picture of the garden luminaire you like – and your visual experience will start right away (provided you are viewing the website on a mobile device with a modern operating system).

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About colours, finishes and light

Colours and finishes Our luminaires feature components with different paint finishes depending on the intended use. The requirements for outdoor luminaires differ from those for indoor luminaires. Our materials and processing methods are subject to constant checks and tests to ensure optimum component protection. We place the highest demands on the quality and durability of our finishes. And we evaluate our galvanised metal finishes according to the same standards. In addition to our high quality requirements, the aesthetic quality of the finishes is just as important as the successful interplay of materials with different finishes.

Light colours The colour temperatures for LED luminaires are specified in Kelvin (K). The LED luminaires in this brochure are supplied with a warm white 3000 Kelvin light colour. With some luminaires, the available spectrum begins at 2700 Kelvin, which corresponds to the light of a conventional incandescent light bulb. We also offer other luminaires in neutral white (4000 K). This light is used for classic office lighting.

Light characteristics and light distribution Light distribution is an important factor in lighting design. The graphics help to better understand the light characteristics of a luminaire.

Asymmetrical light distribution for the illumination of wall surfaces

Very narrow beam light distribution for focused light accents – creating hard shadows

Symmetrical wide beam light distribution for room illumination – light is deliberately reflected off the walls

Unshielded ceiling luminaires for general illumination

Unshielded pendant luminaires for general illumination

Shielded pendant luminaires emit glare-free light in a focused downward direction

Symmetrical light from the ground for the illumination of architecture and plants

Asymmetrical light from the ground for the illumination of architecture and plants

Wall luminaires with Symmetrical light distribution exploit the reflective properties of the installation surface

Wall luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution exploit the reflective properties of the ceiling

Wall luminaires with Symmetrical light distribution for the illumination of floor areas near walls

Wall luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution for expansive floor lighting

Unshielded wall luminaires for general illumination

Garden luminaires with unshielded light distribution for uniform light around the luminaire

Garden luminaires with Symmetrical light distribution for highlighting the area around the luminaire

Garden luminaires with asymmetrical light distribution for deep spatial illumination as ideal pathway lighting