Stadthalle Mülheim an der Ruhr

DALI, but simple: High-visibility staging with BEGA Connect

The staging of the Stadthalle Mülheim relies on the user-friendly and extremely reliable BEGA Connect lighting control system. The interplay of environmentally compatible lighting on the one hand and identity-creating presentation on the other succeeds impressively.

The imposing structure and event location was built in the 1920s Ruhr region. It was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War, and was then reconstructed in the 1950s. Since then, the building complex with its twelve event spaces has been a distinctive landmark of Mülheim’s cityscape. The neoclassical sandstone façade is illuminated by various BEGA floodlights during the evening hours.

The recent update of the illumination and control system has taken into account various requirements in full compliance with local guidelines: The scenic illumination highlights numerous historic details of the listed building. Sustainability, energy-efficiency based on LED luminaires, and environmental-friendliness are a matter of course.

Together with the electrical contractor, the city of Mülheim has come up with completely individual light staging design. Both were supported by BEGA Lighting Design before even implementing the lighting concept, which also takes environmental concerns into consideration.

BEGA high-performance floodlights illuminate the lower part of the façade with a colour temperature of 2200 Kelvin. The rectangular high-performance floodlights enable wide-area illumination at short distances. BEGA compact floodlights emphasise the pillars of the architecture. For these, a colour temperature of 3000 Kelvin was selected. Both these colour temperatures ensure the safety of nocturnal animal life, thanks to their low blue light content.

89 linear façade floodlights provide additional wide-area illumination of the recessed structure above. As these are RGBW luminaires, they offer optional light staging in various colours. The façade floodlights are placed very close together directly on the façade, creating a homogenous lighting effect.

The BEGA Connect light control uses the existing IP infrastructure with the DALI connectors and connects the lighting system to the cloud, allowing the programming and selection of different scenes from any location. A variety of scenes have already been saved, while additional ones can be conveniently created in just a few steps using the BEGA Connect app.

The DALI connectors of our

BEGA Connect light control system use the existing Internet infrastructure. We developed BEGA Connect to unite and combine: Light and architecture, sophisticated technology and simple operation – and even different ways of controlling DALI with complete flexibility: With the DALI Connector on the DIN rail, you can implement complex illumination via the existing IP infrastructure – or less complex lighting with the Air Connector, almost completely independently of the location. Even in places where an online connection is hard to come by: in the most remote locations or behind thick walls. Simply via narrowband IoT. All VDE-certified and up to date, thanks to regular system and device updates. For guaranteed stability and security.

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Select light stagings from any location

The DALI system is controlled and monitored online with full flexibility and complete location-independence. A modern and intuitive app allows you to control, plan and monitor individual luminaires from any location. Control your lighting installation as simply and with as much flexibility as never before. No DALI expertise required. The BEGA Connect app’s sophisticated user interface is developed in such a way that no special technical knowledge is required for setup and operation.

The system allows dialling down consumption for power reduction, as well as complete switch off to save energy. Additionally, there are control options for countless single or multi-colour light stagings. Multiple scenes have been programmed to illuminate the Stadthalle Mülheim, and can be selected at any time. RGBW colour light control via DALI has never been so easy. Control each individual colour channel granularly via the BEGA Connect app and individually adapt the coloured light effect to the architecture.

Always up to date: New features can be rolled out via the software thanks to cloud intelligence – your lighting installation gets an upgrade without the need for additional hardware components. The firmware updates itself, with no maintenance required.

BEGA Connect is not an isolated solution – cloud-to-cloud interfaces enable integrations of and into third-party systems.

Reliable and secure: Up to the highest standards and with all your data on cloud servers in Germany in accordance with strict German data protection laws.

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Client City of Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany)

Electrical installation RÜSTEMEIER GmbH, Mülheim an der Ruhr (Germany)