News · 07/09/2022

The IoT industrial standard is on its way

Joint venture project with three partners for the incoming building automation standard

BEGA co-founds DBT Digital Building Technology GmbH & Co. KG as a joint venture project with Eltako, Oventrop and Viessmann. The objective of this collaboration is the creation of a European industrial standard for home and building automation.

The wibutler-IoT platform will combine the products of various manufacturers and trades in Professional Smart Home and Professional Smart Building. The joint venture group will pursue the consistent further development of the platform. Project planners and installers will in future no longer have to deal with multiple technologies. The integration of new products into the currently established IoT solution on the market will be quick and reliable.

The joint venture was founded on September 6 in the presence of our managing partner Heinrich Gantenbrink. Other companies and their products will be able to join the project at any time.