Outdoor Luminaire Catalogue 36

180 new products – innovative outdoor lighting solutions

Innovative ideas for any lighting requirement: The new BEGA Outdoor Luminaire Catalogue 36 presents the entire portfolio of our outdoor lighting solutions with all essential product information and inspiring use cases. Special highlights of this catalogue:

Tiny light points with huge impact: Impressive light output at extremely small dimensions: that is what you can expect from our new recessed and ceiling-mounted spotlights. The brilliant light ambience and super precise light deflection add elegance and value to existing roof overhangs and cantilever plates, while visually emphasising the beauty of your patio or entrance design.

Eco-friendly light has two basic purposes: a feeling of safety for humans, and the protection of nocturnal flora and fauna. The new spherical pole-top luminaire emits less than one percent of its luminaire luminous flux into its upper half-space. It has taken the development of highly sophisticated lighting technology to facilitate such a result for this very popular and classic luminaire shape and the way it deflects light. Its classification as a Dark Sky luminaire ensures minimal light pollution and with it the protection of nocturnal animals and insects. Additionally, based on our BEGA BugSaver® technology, the colour temperature of the light can be switched to amber, which attracts considerably less insects due to its reduced blue light content.

Our BEGA battery-powered table luminaires will let you enjoy beautiful summer nights a lot longer. The light of these luminaires is directed downward and has no negative impact on the flight or orientation behaviour of nocturnal fauna. They offer a 12-hour battery runtime, a robust housing, and two shapes to choose from, while their IP54 protection class rounds off their performance offering for stylish and enjoyable evenings on patios and in gardens.

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