Illumination of residential complexes

Outdoor facilities, parks and gardens

Light sets the stage for paths and squares – examples of good implementations

Recreational areas are a bonus feel-good feature of residential complexes. Spacial conditions permitting, the addition of outdoor facilities, parks and gardens is a calming and relaxing design feature for residents.

Safety along paths and on squares is a basic prerequisite for the lighting design of recreational areas in the vicinity of residential complexes. A suitable light control system ensures comfort and takes ecological concerns into account, which is particularly important for natural surroundings.

Different light distributions

Soft, unshielded light provides great ambient lighting. The use of shielded luminaires directs light onto the areas to be illuminated. This prevents light pollution and ensures compliance with ecological requirements.

Where recreational areas border directly on residential units, the use of directed light also prevents unpleasant effects such as unwanted light spilling into apartments.

Light control

An energy-saving light control system adapted to the proximity to residential buildings and the expected footfall is recommended for the late evening and night-time hours. If there is a risk of too frequent changes between light and dark, which could cause dissatisfaction among residents, a reduction at night is recommended. This enables a visually calming effect in a defined space with a high frequency of movement. Depending on the topography and surrounding architecture, only supplementary light in dark areas needs to be considered.

Which luminaire is right?

Beyond basic lighting, outdoor facilities, parks and gardens are enriched with the addition of lighting accents.

But which luminaire is right for each requirement?

Light building elements give structure to spaces and create a pleasant ambience. Together with Bollards and thus different mounting heights, a harmonious overall ensemble is achieved.

Light design elements such as illuminated benches or stools invite residents to linger along pathways and in open spaces, and create impressive islands of light in the dark.

Avoid glare

Pole-top luminaires shielded from above provide optimal illumination of paths and open areas. They prevent glare in the apartments on all floors. Like light building elements with directed light, they give the space structure and a clear overview.

Scenic illumination

Trees, shrubs and hedges offer great opportunities for scenic illumination. In-ground luminaires blend seamlessly into the surroundings and take on this task.

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