Commercial space

Multifaceted professional control
Professional lighting management in commercial properties and their immediate surroundings must enable diversity and meet different requirements.

Preprogrammed general lighting on company premises is a prerequisite for securing the site in the dark. In work areas, unrestricted and shadow-free illumination gives one thing above all: operational safety.

The staging of the main building in the dark is part of the brand identity. Automated and demand-oriented lighting of streets and footpaths completes the lighting design and lighting control for the exterior.

Inside, continuous and demand-controlled lighting for the various areas must be distinguished from one another and defined by time or presence parameters. Emergency lighting automatisms and escape route lighting complete the requirements for professional lighting control.

BEGA solutions integrate the specific project specifications

Whether it's an existing development or a new build, a smaller unit or a major project: professional control systems for commercial premises meet a wide range of requirements. Our range of technological solutions is correspondingly diverse. The wide range of control technology enables convenient planning and precise clarification of important questions in advance:

How can existing control elements be integrated? How can lighting and lighting design be efficiently implemented into existing processes or new ones to be planned?

For a new building automation system that is to be set up, the wibutler IoT platform which brings together various manufacturers and trades in the Professional Smart Building.

The way to the industry standard for European home and building technology is paved with this solution. Open to new trades and manufacturers, wibutler grows with the tasks: uncomplicated, easy to handle, easy to add to.

Luminaires with DALI interface enable the simple setup of a room-related control for individual areas as well as the integration into the general building automation by means of gateways.

BEGA Connect combines the advantages of the DALI standard with the convenience of a cloud solution.

Application examples

Photo : Arno de la Chapelle