Municipal infrastructure

Efficient light
Lighting and energy efficiency are equally elementary mandatory tasks in public areas.

Road safety and, beyond that, the perceived safety of people in all urban and near-natural areas are the primary concerns of public authorities.

The requirements must be implemented together with identity-creating staging, sustainability and environmentally conscious use of light. Suitable luminaires and control management must be coordinated for this purpose in order to also enable efficient energy saving.

One challenge is connectivity, which is essential for integration into the smart city of tomorrow. Due to the lack of network infrastructure - especially in remote areas - this has often been very cost-intensive in the past.

In the environment of municipal infrastructures enables BEGA Connect comprehensive and location-independent lighting control via the cloud.

The energy-saving use of the system, monitoring of the individual light points and remote access via app are central components of efficient use. The system optionally comes with its own Internet infrastructure.

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In the vicinity of buildings, the use of DALI luminaires that communicate via a data line. Gateways could also be used to integrate them into existing home automation systems.

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Luminaires with Zhaga interfaces for communication and sensor modules pave the way to the professional Smart City, independent of platform. The connection to BEGA Connect can be established via the Zhaga Air Connector - for maximum flexibility in setup and operation.

Technology for the protection of nocturnal animals. Switching the light color to a blue light reduced amber.

Luminaires with variable color temperature do justice to both humans and animals: by switching to a blue-light-reduced amber at less frequented times, the negative impact of lighting on nocturnal animals is reduced - and energy is saved with simultaneous programmable power reduction.

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