Private real estate

Focus on functionality and safety
Everything always within reach - in the truest sense of the word.

By pushbutton on site or over long distances via smartphone. Functionality and security characterize the control of digital building technology in and on private homes. Lighting fulfills the indispensable wishes for security, staging and comfort. Light in defined areas in the house, around the house and in the garden is then a matter of course. In emergency and alarm situations, for example, all light points should be switched on at full power.

Asked if present:

Lighting when entering and while in specified areas, energy-conscious shutdown when people are not present. The illumination of the garden can also be individually staged and turned down to save energy.

However, home networking does not end with lighting:

Other functional areas such as heating, shading and access control must also be considered in the overall context. New technical possibilities bring with them greater complexity. However, the focus is always on the user - and thus on convenience and simplicity in operation.

The almost limitless world of digital control

Simple control of a wide range of home and garden lighting - this is possible with BEGA Smart as an offline solution or in combination with the wibutler IoT platform as a convenient online variant.

The networking of the living space is not a technical gimmick, but offers concrete comfort advantages: When the light sensor in the building automation system detects the advancing twilight, the blinds are then automatically operated and the light is switched on in predefined areas of the house, along paths and in the garden - then your own home becomes a networked world. The wibutler IoT platform enables the networking of various trades in and around the house. The lighting system can thus be controlled in interaction with other functions such as shading and security technology. Without additional hardware, in a common interface.

How can existing control elements be integrated? How can lighting and lighting design be efficiently implemented into existing processes or new ones to be planned?

For a new building automation system that is to be set up, the wibutler IoT platform which brings together various manufacturers and trades in the Professional Smart Building.

The way to the industry standard for European home and building technology is paved with this solution. Open to new trades and manufacturers, wibutler grows with the tasks: uncomplicated, easy to handle, easy to add to.

Luminaires with DALI interface enable the simple setup of a room-related control for individual areas as well as the integration into the general building automation by means of gateways.

BEGA Connect combines the advantages of the DALI standard with the convenience of a cloud solution.

Application examples