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Connectivity, ease, security - for a Professional Smart Home

Lighting in residential complexes must do justice to residents, passers-by and the environment alike. Different expectations must be taken into account, which an intelligent lighting control system can serve individually. Building and environmental safety is achieved thanks to uniform lighting without dark corners. The differences between areas close to buildings, leisure areas and parking lots must be considered separately. Important areas such as entrances, junctions and sensitive locations require special lighting levels. Pathways and sightlines to parking areas should also be highlighted with light without being perceived as disturbing by residents.

Functionality, safety and staging thanks to a smart lighting design in the interior of a residential complex.

The Valley - Amsterdam - Netherlands
Harmoniously planned lighting and professional control - this is how living areas and outdoor facilities merge into one. Heinrich-Köhler-Hof - Hanover - Germany
BEGA Connect. The cloud-based lighting control system that brings its own internet connection if required.

Professional Smart Home is the common goal of developers, operators and residents of larger residential complexes. The path to uncomplicated implementation follows clear guidelines: Energy efficiency, simplicity, open interfaces (where possible) and clear demarcation of private areas (where necessary). Online solutions such as the wibutler IoT platform and our professional control system BEGA Connect consistently address these requirements. They provide connectivity, ease and security inside and out at all setup, control and monitoring levels. In the absence of an IP infrastructure or for an additional online connection, BEGA Connect brings its own Internet connection via narrowband IoT if required.

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wibutler: The cross-manufacturer and cross-trade platform solution for holistic building automation via IoT.

Automated lighting is available as needed in common and functional areas of the buildings and is also centrally controlled. Smart solutions for each residential unit, meanwhile, are shielded as essential for privacy.

A Professional Smart Home brings everything together, yet keeps it securely locked away in a way that preserves personal interests and privacy, as well as prevents potential threats such as external tampering.

Learn more about wibutler The control intelligence grows with each addition. The overview of the functionality of the lighting systems is guaranteed regardless of the location. Switch, manage, feel good: It couldn't be easier to combine and take into account the different interests of all parties involved.

Whether for new or existing buildings, control begins with planning or with the intelligent linking of existing and new systems.

Functionality, security, and light staging – all based on intelligent lighting design for the exterior of a residential complex. The Valley · Amsterdam · The Netherlands
Automated lighting in stairwells saves energy and therefore money.

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