In a spa zone, the illumination makes a significant contribution towards the well-being of the guests. Alternating zones with dimmed light and zones accentuated with illumination are ideal for the relaxation of the guests. At the same time, the lighting system must be able to illuminate the rooms clearly for cleaning purposes. On account of the climatic conditions in such facilities, only luminaires with high protection classes are installed. In the whirlpool cubes, wall luminaires cast wide-beam light onto the ceiling, and this light is reflected softly back into the room. The pools are fitted with underwater luminaires whose light colour can be adjusted variably via RGBW. Between the cubes, in-ground floodlights accentuate the shower area. This light effect is repeated on the front pillars using in-ground floodlights. In the room, soft light falls from the ceiling via flat square luminaires. Recessed wall luminaires line the paths at a height of 40 cm, thus creating safety and structure. Recessed ceiling downlights are installed in the outdoor terrace covering roof.

Lighting calculations Summary DIALux project