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Dark Sky: Luminaires for natural environments

The luminaires from our “Dark Sky” series direct their light with high efficiency onto the illuminated area, and emit less than 1% of their luminous flux into the upper half-space of the luminaire.

The exact data regarding the percentage of luminous flux in the upper half-space, as well as statements on the BUG rating according to IES TM-15-07 and the CEN Flux Code in compliance with EN 13032-2 can be found in the product data sheets for the various luminaires on the BEGA website, and must be checked against regionally applicable regulations.

You can find all Dark Sky luminaires here

BUG rating according to IES TM‑15‑07

The system used to examine luminaires with photometric data is based on light incidence measurements:

B acklight – the light behind the luminaire U plight – the light above the luminaire G lare – glare factor

The lumen ratings measured are classified on a scale from 0 (low) to 5 (high). This value must be checked against regionally applicable regulations.

CEN Flux Code according to EN 13032‑2

Percentage of the luminous flux of the luminaire emitted upward and downward in specific solid angles. Each segment has an assigned number.