BEGA Smart

For a home where everything is easy


What are the basic requirements to be able to use BEGA Smart?
Which smartphones are supported?
Can I use the BEGA Smart app on my tablet PC?
Are there any functional differences between the smartphone and the tablet PC version of BEGA Smart app?
What areas of my home can be operated with BEGA Smart?

Configuration & Commissioning

What is the BEGA Smart app used for?
What is the range of the app for setup/control?
What is considered a "system" in this context?
Can I set up/control multiple systems using the app?
What is an entry point? Which devices are entry points?
What is a QR or Data Matrix code? What is it used for?
Should I keep the additional labels containing QR codes that come in the product packaging?


What tools are available for controlling my BEGA Smart system?
Do I always have to use my smartphone or tablet PC to control the system?
How can the various control devices be incorporated into the BEGA Smart system?
Can I control the BEGA Smart system when I am not at home?
How do I configure the remote controls or the BEGA Smart Rotary Dimmer?
What are the individual buttons on the Remote Control PRO used for?
What is the range of the remote controls?
How do I transfer configuration changes to the BEGA Remote Control ONE/PRO?
What are the differences between the BEGA Remote Control ONE and the BEGA Remote Control PRO?

Features & App

What are groups for?
What is the difference between groups and scenarios?
What are time-controlled events?
What happens to my BEGA Smart system at the switchover to and from daylight savings time?
How do I know if there is a software update available for my components? How do I perform a software update?

Positioning & Ranges

Over what distance can I control the lighting and other devices in the garden?
How do I make sure that all my components are permanently in range of each other?
Can I include my indoor and outdoor lighting in the same BEGA Smart system?


"Works with BEGA Smart" – what does that mean?
Can I extend my system to any size?
Which Zigbee lamps are supported?
Can I add devices from third-party manufacturers to my BEGA Smart system?

BEGA Plug & Play

Is there a difference between BEGA Smart and BEGA Plug & Play?
Which components are part of BEGA Plug & Play?
Does the BEGA Smart app automatically detect changes I make to my Plug & Play system?
Is BEGA Plug & Play compatible with the 2016 predecessor version?

BEGA system pendant luminaires

Are all BEGA system pendant luminaires compatible with BEGA Smart?
Which components will I need to enable the integration of a BEGA system pendant luminaire in BEGA Smart?
Will the app show me the exact pendant luminaire I bought or just a generic picture?

System Transfer & Sharing

Can one system be controlled via multiple smartphones? What are the limitations?
What is the difference between “Share system” and “Transfer system”?
Why do I need a BEGA ID?
How do I register for a BEGA ID?
Are there differences in levels of permission between multiple members of a shared system?
Can I, as the original user, remove users from my shared system, so that they lose their permissions?
How do I share my system with other members of my family?
How do I access a system that was shared with me?
How do I transfer my system to someone else?
Will a user lose access to shared systems by logging out with their BEGA ID?
Can I share my own systems with others and also be a user in other people's systems?
What happens when I delete my BEGA ID?

Help & Error Messages

One or more devices cannot be reached. What could be the cause?
My system has range issues or I want to extend the control range of my devices. What can I do?