BEGA Smart Rotary Dimmer

The Smart Rotary Dimmer is a simple and versatile entry point into the smart home universe for beginners. Once installed by a qualified electrician, the luminaires from the BEGA Smart system can easily be operated via app or remote control. Of course you can do all that the “old fashioned way” – the dimmer is a great choice for all those who prefer to do things by hand.

In conjunction with the Smart DALI Controller, almost all DALI-compatible luminaires can be controlled wirelessly — without any need for a costly bus system installation, and even by family members without a smartphone or remote control.

Additionally, existing legacy luminaires with conventional E 14 and E 27 screw bases – like that pendant luminaire over the dining table – can be manually controlled via the dimmer switch on the wall. All that is needed is a Zigbee lamp.

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BEGA Smart

For a home where everything is easy

Technical data

Power supply 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz Zigbee 3.0 · Max. radio range 30 m