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BEGA UniLink® Play

Dimmed portable garden and path light with ground spike

Stairs, steps, landings and paths are an integral part of garden design. BEGA UniLink® Play garden and path luminaires are used to highlight accessible zones in private gardens. Well dimmed, they emit no light into the upper half-space of the luminaire, thus protecting the night sky. At the same time, their location can be changed - they can be used both individually and seasonally. As a reduced design element, they are part of a safe pathway in the private garden.

The combination of safe operating voltage of 48 volts and waterproof connectors allows even more flexibility in garden design due to long cable lengths.

All BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires are equipped at the factory with a two-meter connecting cable with a watertight plug connection. If required, extension leads or even quintuple and T-distributors can be connected to this. This makes it quick and easy to position several luminaires, for example in remote locations in the garden. The system can be expanded or modified at any time by means of further five-way or T-distributors, extension lines and additional luminaires with BEGA UniLink® Play connectors.

The BEGA Smart Link integrates the garden lights into the BEGA Smart cosmos - it is simply installed between any UniLink® Play components: from here on, all subsequent lights in the lighting network can be controlled via BEGA Smart.

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BEGA UniLink®

Garden illumination that adapts to your garden.

Technical data

Protection class IP 65

Anodized aluminum ground spike BEGA Unidure® coating technology Safety glass

Earth spike made of glass fibre reinforced synthetic material with 2 m connecting cable and BEGA UniLink® Play plug connection

LED colour temperature 3000 K

Please note: A power supply unit, which must be ordered separately, is required for connecting a BEGA UniLink® Play luminaire. Several individual luminaires can be operated with one power supply unit - in total up to the maximum output power of the power supply unit. If the BEGA UniLink® Play luminaires are to be controlled, they can be integrated into the BEGA Smart System with the BEGA Smart Link, which can be controlled via app, remote control or automations.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

Luminaire colour graphite

BEGA UniLink® Play

BEGA UniLink® Play includes small-format luminaires that stay in the background with their streamlined design and highlight the individual light staging of your garden.

The combination of secure operating voltage with 48 volts and watertight plug connectors enables even more flexibility in garden design with long cable lengths.

The BEGA Smart Link integrates the garden floodlights into the BEGA Smart world – it can be installed easily between any UniLink® Play components: from that point on, all downstream luminaires in the lighting network are controllable via BEGA Smart .

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