In-ground luminaires made of cast aluminium

For installation situations with high pressure load

High-end products for the ground

The new BEGA in-ground luminaires combine the results of our latest research with our more than three decades of experience in meeting the extreme demands placed on this group of luminaires.

Drive-over in-ground luminaires for installation in paved ground surfaces – indoors and out.

This luminaire series continues a line that we have been producing for more than 30 years. Decades of experience in this field, our extensive knowledge and our constant willingness to learn determine our daily approach to developing new products. These new luminaires are the result of continuous research, extensive testing and the use of the best materials and technologies for this application. The luminaires stand on a foundation in an installation housing, made of highly corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, and can be driven over by vehicles with pneumatic tyres up to a pressure load of 5000 kg.

The installation dimensions for this series are identical to those of the previous luminaires.

Technical data

Pressure load 5000 kg

Protection class IP 68 · 10 m BEGA Thermal Management®

Trim ring made of stainless steel Highly corrosion-resistant cast aluminium, Coated with BEGA Tricoat® Glass fibre reinforced synthetic material Safety glass · Floodlights: Reflector surface made of pure aluminium

BEGA Ultimate Driver® on/off or DALI-controllable Reflector inclination angle adjustable from 0° to 25°, optical system rotatable through 360° Water stop · Connecting cable

BEGA Hybrid Optics®

The RGBW luminaires in this series can be controlled by DALI colour light control (DT8, RGBWAF, xy, TC).

When the glass is wet, there may be a risk of slipping. For walkable public areas, we recommend skid-blocking glass in accordance with DIN 51130  R 13. R after the article number, we can supply all luminaires with skid-blocking glass. This increases the dispersion of the light distribution.

On request, the luminaires are available in the light colours green, blue, amber and red.

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

B = Ø recessed opening

Light of the highest quality from ground level. Made of a special, highly corrosion-resistant aluminium alloy, stainless steel and a glass-fibre reinforced synthetic material, our new in-ground luminaires are high-end products in terms of both materials and lighting technology. They feature BEGA technologies for protective thermo-management, optical systems of the highest lighting quality, and finish technologies with outstanding durability.

The luminaire’s protection against corrosion and moisture is versatile and highly efficient. The aluminium components are highly corrosion-resistant and are additionally protected with BEGA Tricoat ® coating technology with specially coordinated inorganic and organic coating processes. Additional components made of a fibreglass-reinforced synthetic material prevent further risk of corrosion. Specially developed water stops for the connecting cable and the latest sealing technologies make the luminaires waterproof. BEGA Thermal Management ® inside the luminaire ensures optimal thermal protection.

The optical systems are characterised by complete light control and perfect light deflection. Durable and virtually wear-free, they ensure the best possible lighting quality. The luminaires are available as location luminaires and floodlights with symmetrical light distribution and different half beam angles, as wallwashers or as floodlights with an adjustable inclination angle. The range of light characteristics is documented in the following illustrations.

View planning examples

Historical façade
Various different luminaires are used to illuminate historical façades. Beginning on the ground floor, arcades are illuminated with in-ground floodlights. Here it is important to make sure that the luminaires can stand up to being driven over by car tyres. Depending on the version of the luminaires, pressure loads of up to 5000 kg are possible. Between the floors, the house has ledges from where slim adjustable façade floodlights can illuminate the building. Their light distribution is symmetrical. 

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