Photo : Jason O'Rear

Pole-top luminaires

Adjustable light distribution

The light form the built-in performance floodlight is deflected by the top reflector. This deflection has the effect of distributing the light in an extremely soft and uniform way, effectively removing glare. The top reflector is adjustable from 0° to 30°. This means that the light distribution can be selected infinitely from 0° rotationally symmetrical to 30° asymmetrically.

Luminaires for streets, open spaces and squares, for lighting scenarios in which high uniformity and low glare are required.

Technical data

Protection class IP 65 BEGA Thermal Management®

Cast aluminium, aluminium and stainless steel BEGA Unidure® coating technology Safety glass Reflector made of pure anodised aluminium

We can also supply these luminaires in safety class II as custom-made products.

BEGA Ultimate Driver® · DALI-controllable

20-year availability guarantee for replacement parts and LED modules

Luminaire colour silver

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